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The Collection is an online auction of sport horses in the jumping and hunter discipline for amateur riders with sought-after objectives or professionals wishing to go further. 

Push your limits with The Collection. 

The Collection 22 – 24 May 2020

Icare TIEN20 L35738

For this auction, we have built a catalog which should delight all our buyers”.

Carlos Pinto & Steve Tinti
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The Collection is a complete project.

Our goal is to provide the buyers with all warranties and services they need, but also to add a charity component to this auction.
4 May 2020

The transportation

We can organise transportation for you.
The Warranty
4 May 2020

The warranty

The blood of horses sold during The Collection auction is guaranteed to be able to travel all over the world.
4 May 2020

The care

If the border to your country is currently closed, we can take care of the horse at our cost until the border reopens.

We wanted to add a charity side to our concept.