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21 April 2021

X-rays to download

Capture décran 2020 05 11 à 10 22 05

To download click on the link:

1. Chanincento
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑I8vyvBOhM4

Vet report:https://we.tl/t‑953IQ1G6Yb

2. Gucci
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑yP90QvpmYM

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑anGpBw2pYo

3. Cornezina
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑VXBnfp7Spe

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑0RDYwAEAbW

4. Bamalou de l’Ecuyer
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑hf7gDJlB1J

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑OAVfYeItR1

5. Julia B 
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑bOTOOodi50

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑MAHCwY0hvi

6. Embuscade de Reve
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑2IGXmyXpaH

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑EhTHfICkvK

7. Quisette van Baublo
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑OBkgeixZPf

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑pdnWplta0o

8. Cartier
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑jIknr5v3pn

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑lQLdFXUqdf

9. Blue Moon
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑F8Gli5381u

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑uugpq1S72A

10. Cinsello Blue
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑vHTPjLAYKi

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑WAxbKiHblf

11. Calvados des Vergers
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑R50QNXVC0B

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑yHd0HFEDYl

12. Arctic Blue
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑8UqONfZTNP

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑3uedlknmG9

13. Nespresso vd Wareslage
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑YM8M22mhTx

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑bB1N416UV5

14. Qatar vd Bisschop
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑CHIdMZJern

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑KC30FdvmeV

15. Quim
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑jwr7zLCg7e

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑LqrjrwNNH3

16. Calutano
X‑rays: https://we.tl/t‑hVzVni6cer

Vet report: https://we.tl/t‑Spo3DseomQ