The Collection for UNICEF

10€ per bid will be given to UNICEF.

With the idea of The Collection, we immediately came up with the idea of a charity dimension. Our initial intention was to help the children. But we could not ignore the current situation hitting the world due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We therefore naturally turned to UNICEF, which has put in place special plans to help and protect children during this crisis.

Concretely, The Collection will pay UNICEF 10€ for each bid placed during the online auction. The auction will take place from May 22 – 24.

As the number of COVID-19 cases soars, so do the needs of children and their families. From delivering life-saving health supplies, to building water and hygiene facilities, to keeping girls and boys connected to education and protection, UNICEF is working to slow the spread of COVID-19 and minimize its impact on children worldwide.” (source: UNICEF)

Visit the UNICEF website to see their actions: